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Music Artist Promotion

Mp3gist Music Artist Strategy

Mp3gist Music Artist Promotion Strategy

Mp3gist Music Artist Strategy | MP3GIST.COM

As an independent musician and/or recording artist, if you did NOT earn $30, 000 with your music alone last year, let's jump right in and get you started with doing so this year. Remember! This is a worst-case scenario, in regard to what you should be able to easily earn within each aspect, and you are very likely to earn much more.

The "Lead generator(s)" in each aspect reflects the various resources that you will use to obtain results in these areas. Practically any band ought to be capable to market and promote itself well enough to get, at least, one gig per week if the band is based in a metropolitan or rural setting, and whether it performs on a full-time or part-time basis.

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Placing low-cost ads in your area weekly newspapers. As you're already aware, most gig employers will enable you to sell your music during performances. In our worst-case scenario, let's look at getting sales during gigs, with a minimum of 100 people at each gig, and with 10% of the crowd who, after witnessing your mind-blowing spectacular performance, suddenly realize that life is not worth living, and they simply cannot go on unless they own a copy of your CD:. 10 sales X $10.00 X 4 weeks = $400 per month. In your own area, there are innumerable people who would like to learn to play your instrument or be able to sing as half as well as you.

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Why not teach them how to do so while earning a bit of income doing it as well? You can also consider contacting area community colleges that will likely be receptive to your classes within their "Continuing Education" program, which can even pay a bit more money. With fairly decent online , at the least, you ought to be able to realize an average of 3 sales per week from each of these sites. We Can Help You Archive Your Goal This Year 2018 CLICK HERE To See Our Adver Plan

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